Buenos Aires Grill "Seafood & Steakhouse" is the first Argentine Restaurant in Ireland. Buenos Aires Grill is a venue where you can experience Argentina through the food.

The whole Argentine culture can be condensed in its food and Buenos Aires Grill stimulates your five senses to enhance and potentiate the overall eating-out experience: Argentine music playing softly in the background, the food, the aromas and flavours, the wines, the interior design and decoration, and the appearance of our very own South American staff.

Everything thought to trigger this idea of Argentina is everywhere you look around.

The Restaurant offers a lunch menu on Friday's that is both affordable and suitable for the clients needs.

For dinner , we offer a menu "a la carte" a special dinner menu that changes on a regular basis. The range of food includes mainly beef, other meat such as pork or chicken; starters and sides; a vegetarian menu and a seafood alternative.

There are different type of Argentine starters, dressings and sides that are still unknown to the Irish public. However, the star of the Argentine cuisine is the beef and the sausages, cooked on the grill.

"Pampas"...the never-ending plains, the country of Evita, the sensual tango and the excellent wine. Argentina is like a Pandora box, a place in the world full of surprises that welcomes anyone who wants to explore it.